1 Fashion luna park
The big fashion circus. Pin up girl, glitter, show colours
2 Dress-Toys
Iron, wood, resin, painted steel, cor-ten steel toys-sculptures, for external use too.
3 Dress-Totem
Simplify, deify, Totem dresses. Primitive shapes. Steel, iron, cast iron.
4 Paintings
Monochromatic and multicolor canvas, different subjects, dress-totem and basic dresses
5 White Totem
Totem, sculptures, giant dresses only white
6 Gold
Bas-relief and sculptures covered in gold-foil or golden bronze. Dresses as precious heathen idols
7 Dress-Memory
Fashion archaeology. Dress traces fixed on matter. White bas- reliefs, in plaster or resin.
8 Ghost
Big sculptures made on pearly resin. Dresses without body.
9 Faces
Woman portraits, faces as drawned by a child. Bas- reliefs that modify with light
10 Dolls
Fluorescent colored dolls. Dolls made of white crumpled up resin. A funny image of femininity.
11 Flowers
Flowers. White or "dressed up" of colours. To hang up or to place in the garden

12 Marshmallows
Childish bas-reliefs and sculptures with american marshmallows colours
13 Icons
The reality and the imagination. The contemporary icon in digital art work
14 Burqa
Digital-art, bas- reliefs and imaginary covers.
15 BlackCode / DressCode
"Blackā€ chapter, serial women, traces of clothes, fashion fetishes.
High-relieves, sculptures, paintings.
16 Skyscrapers
Digital art. Mouse-painted works. Modified, multiplied, coloured skyscrapers emblem of a urban fabric with no boundaries.
17 New Saints
Between consecration and debunking: angels with the face of Monica Bellucci, new-age heavens, Warhol-like Christ, saints with the face of famous football players.
18 Golead'or
Super Mario Balotelli, the "devil" everybody talks about, and other myths of football, become contemporary icons...
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Flowers: my flowers never fade Nature is full of flowers. Its fancy is infinitely superior to the human one. Flowers are always beautiful, fascinating, full of life. They generate in turn other marvellous flowers. I can't stand their dying. I created some flowers but I could have continued to infinity. They are childish, sketched, unreal flowers. In the beginning I painted them with the colours of road signs . Later I stopped using colours because the totally white flower seemed to me better to highlight the human coyness and arrogance towards these wonderful works of nature.