"Can fashion be art? The "dress" communicates infinite values. Fashion is the mirror of culture, of society, of life, of today, of yesterday, of always. It opens creativity, stimulates imagination, gives emotions, brings beauty. Just like art. I have devoted all my time to it. By capturing its mysterious messages and transforming it into monumental sculptures, urban totems, fashion finds, naive simulacra, religious objects, reflections of contemporaneity".

Flavio Lucchini

Flavio Lucchini came to art after spending his life in the fashion world as art-director, creator of the most important magazines, talent scout of the greatest fashion designers and creative . His research focuses on the female dress, metaphor of the new values of the contemporary society and the mythology of the image. With paintings, sculptures, bas-reliefs, digital-art and different techniques, in a mix of irony and perfection, the artist celebrates the essence of the dresses, with all the ethical and aesthetic implications, from haute couture to the burqa.

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