The Lab at the FLA Museum, located in the Undergallery space in the Basement, is dedicated to hosting emerging artists, following a scouting logic that Lucchini has always pursued since his days as a prominent figure in the fashion world, launching young talents through his fashion magazines who would become the stars of tomorrow (designers, photographers, journalists, art directors, etc.). Every 2 months features a different artist presenting an exhibition or site-specific installation designed to resonate with Lucchini's works.

by Sebastiano Pelli 
curated by Chiara Ferella Falda

The Lab space presents the installation "Bring me a Higher Love" by artist and designer Sebastiano Pelli. Sculptures and textured paintings where flashes of gold (actually brass macerated with discarded materials such as orange peels and coffee) meet the element of water contained in a large central sculpture made of burnished iron and brass. It represents a deep exploration of the human essence and invites viewers to introspective reflection. The exhibition, focused on light and water as symbols of life, promotes environmental sustainability and uses only recyclable and organic materials. The artworks incorporate ancient geometric symbols, emphasizing the relationship between man and nature. These central themes, including the pursuit of love and purity, are celebrated through the installation, which reflects the cultural moment we are in, immersed in a society often characterized by selfishness, deception, and, in some aspects, anachronism.

From April 15th to 21st (Milan Design Week) 
The exhibition continues until June 7th, 2024

Sebastiano Pelli

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