A “personal Museum” is part of Superstudio Più, making even more clear the strong art connotation that characterizes this place created to enhance creativity, talent, innovation by its founder, Flavio Lucchini, art-director, publisher, entrepreneur but above all artist. FLA FlavioLucchiniArt Museum – atelier, museum, no-profit association – showcases the work of Lucchini artist and sculptor, made in thirty years of experimentation in his atelier, after leaving, at the age of 60, all the prestigious publishing assignments, closing the last relationship with the Condé Nast, with which he had started in the 60s creating – after Amica – Vogue Italia. 

Lucchini’s emotional relationship with his works, - created for an urgency of personal expression, to investigate the mystery of fashion from another point of view and not for the art market - the total commitment to work for thirty years from morning till night, has resulted in the accumulation of hundreds of works in his archive. And when some of them left for a gallery, a museum or a collector’s house, other works immediately replaced them thanks to a creation activity without interruption. Getting to a place that showed them coherently as a whole was the consequence. 

From the union of the atelier where he worked for years and the basement below (former air raid shelter of General Electric at the time of World War II) was born the new museum, over 2,000 square meters, located not by chance at the center of a short itinerary that leads from Silos/Armani to FlavioLucchiniArt Museum passing through the Mudec – Museum of Cultures, in via Tortona and in the middle the MyOwnGallery, Superstudio’s contemporary art gallery. Three museums and a gallery concentrated in a few meters. Hundreds of works that make us understand how much Fashion is more than just a dress: an actual “creation”, a cultural expression, a metaphor of society, a testimony of the times.  

They are large sculptures, paintings with traditional or experimental techniques, digital paintings, graphic works, small or enormous totems. They are sometimes dramatic, visionary, pre-visionary, playful, ironic, naive dialogues between Art and Fashion. They are books, catalogues, posters. From the Haute Couture to burqa. Using different and extraordinarily contemporary materials and techniques. Because according to Lucchini, with his anticipating DNA, today is already the future. 

FLA FlavioLucchiniArt Museum is an active place using the language of beauty to spread and stimulate the knowledge of art and the expressive languages involved. 

The Atelier is the place where to meet, tell, experiment, project, show creatives and creativity. It will involve an audience of young people, adults and the elderly, but also new collectors, curios and passionate with the objective of bringing them closer to art in a modern and alternative way. 

The non-profit Association is doing an in-training and aptitude activity reserved to particular categories: autistic kids, children, lonely women, sensitive categories, teachers, also in collaboration with other associations. 

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