In the large laboratory in via Tortona, transformed by Lucchini into an Atelier (excluding the first period of experimentation in via Forcella 13) all the works by Lucchini, small or monumental, were born with the help of his assistants and the workshops of trust, where the plasterer, the modeler, the blacksmith, the coachbuilder, the fiberglass worker materialized sketches and maquettes in large sculptures. The atelier now comes back to life as a first approach to fashion-art and an open door to the gigantic archive kept in the warehouses of Superstudio's Basement, renamed "Museum". The ferment of manual work, the concentration of conceptual research are now transferred into a wider activity dedicated to an interested public, which starts from the memory of that creative factory and becomes an academy, talk-show, meetings with the protagonists, videos, presentations of books or other initiatives that interface art with beauty with work with culture with life. 

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